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just a programmer.

Today, I’ve stumbled this computer science post about job interviews and algorithmic skills. Why do we quantify and evaluate one’s cognitive process in solving algorithms to enter the workforce? And why often does our algorithmic problem solving skills deteriorate, even though the heart of computer science is all driven by math and logic? Shouldn’t programmers be top-of-the-line in terms of interviewing?

There exist a moment in which a new grad/intern faces a challenge that determines the outcome of being broke or being finically stable.

Of course, the main premise of such entry of barrier into tech jobs exists to ease…

I watched this short video on Steve job and his lecture at MIT, and within this video, he focuses on several quotes, one of which grabbed my attention throughout the day.

To learn anything fast, put yourself in a situation where you stand to gain or lose by your actions.

Interesting quote, but is there science in this?

I believe so.

It’s transitive on such notion that we learn languages faster by directly speaking instead of reading its morphology.

We reframe the learning quote within the bounds of education theory, specifically categorizing it as an active learning experience, where learning…

How to leverage psychology to form highly addictive apps

The short and sweet response on how to build the next Instagram: you don’t.

If you’re seeking a step by step instruction on how to build the next Instagram and the path to 1 billion, then you’re asking the wrong questions. It wouldn’t seem as interesting to build something that already existed.

The title is merely a rhetorical statement. How to Build the Next Instagram is not a step-by-step tutorial, but rather, the language of what makes an app highly addicting. …

bunch of software engineers writing code

I wrote this essay piece back in Junior year of High School. It still stays true to me, as I grow slowly to an actual software engineer and be apart of startups.

Many people would speculate a Software Engineer as a lonely programmer who sits on its chair desperately trying to develop the next Flappy Bird game.

This is false.

Software Engineers are not labeled as programmers.

They are discrete from each other. To them, Programming is a set of tools used to construct the bigger picture. As a matter of fact, Software Engineering isn’t all about programming.

For example, Businesses can be linked with Software Engineers. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple requires their developers to have more than programming skill. The life of these…

My experience and thoughts about every previous hackathon I’ve ever been in.

It’s true that caffeine outputs code. Every programmer’s desire is to stay focused in a bug-free environment, even if it’s overloading ourselves with an absurd amount of coffee. I’m quite fairly young, 17 years old with the desire to become a software engineer in some tech startup. I’ve been told Hackathons are a gateway to the tech field, so I participated with a naive thought of being a fun, pleasurable experience to meet and collaborate with other like-minded individuals.

The sad truth is : I was wrong.

Here I am, 17 years old, already pulling all-nighters and nourishing myself with…

Analyzing observable data of our observable universe, one epoch at a time.

A realistic depiction of PostgreSQL in the wild.

Back-end is where the important stuff happens. It’s the fundamental recipe for web development. Imagine Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord without data. These multi-billion dollar companies wouldn’t cease to exist without back-end technology. Though backend is a big topic to ramble about, I will be zooming more into PostgreSQL on this blog.

PostgreSQL, an open-source database management software, is often associated with back-end development. The name stems way back to 1986, where it was a university project called POSTGRES. It uses and extends Structured Query Language a.k.a. S.Q.L., a management language dedicated to managing databases. Using S.Q.L …

The first words that come out of my mind when anyone mentions the term ‘back-end’ are those helicopters. I know, weird thing to imagine, but let me explain.

The first time I touched back-end development is when I wanted to create my own blog, a website with simple authentication that redirects to my own posts. A login page with username and password form was the main blocker that capped my development. I remember googling to find a way to incorporate users database into my website, and someone in stack overflow mentioned “W.A.M.P.” which stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP. The…

How we made our idea into reality:

My initial idea was 94shops, a website application that revolved around the school and the students to use to find what the school has to offer such as after school shops and merchandise provided for the school. Although my project wasn’t fully focused throughout the year, I worked on a project that best suites my interest, regarding about school, classes, and the students together. It also related to my struggle while I was in 8th grade, with the whole choosing pathways in High School. I wanted to fix that problem. So, we presented My Future, an application inspired by a…


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